Pamper Yourself And Get Pampered

Pamper Yourself And Get Pampered

Pamper Yourself And Get Pampered

Recreation For Mummies: Ways To Chill out and Destress

Motherhood is a never-ending 24/7 ride of putting the needs of a little one before yourself, dealing with the emotional turmoil and constantly second-guessing that comes with the zone, and battling oodles of weight during the day thanks to disturbed sleep at night. It can often seem like a thankless task of daily routine, a treadmill that you can’t step off without everything falling to pieces!

First up, and this is important:

You Need A Break!

Nobody – and we mean nobody – can give and give while running on unfilled. Nobody should. All of us need that space, that liberty to be rested and strengthened. You might find it over a bowl of chocolate cake when the kitchen is silent except for the soothing buzz of the mixer. Or while dabbling with oil paints in a studio without tiny hands and voices appealing for your attention.
It’s not easy to trust your children to a caregiver – sometimes it can even be scary leaving them alone with your husband for more than an hour. But gather up the courage, make the required arrangements, and do it. And then relish your well-justified break, you need it!

Here are some ideas you can try:

Put on your Hidden Skills

Always wanted to learn the art of baking but no time! Invest in your passion and spend the time to make the most of it. Get a company of your friend or pal and have that enormous laughter together!

Great fashion Great Taste

Dress up yourself for the night parties and don’t feel shy to flaunt yourself. Don’t let the phase of pregnancy overcome your joys…In fact, make this as an opportunity to cheat yourself and indulge in eating some relishing deserts…who thinks about the extra calories now!     

Pamper your body

Give your body the relaxing phase by putting in extra effort and money to reach a spa centre which you were thinking to go for a long time. Nothing like a professional manicure and pedicure sessions to ease those swollen hands and legs.

Rejuvenate those cells

Consult a professional exercise instructor and involve your body in low impact yoga which can create a great effect in getting rid of that backache, swelling body, bloating, constipation and what not…

Stay in!

Be open about the Me time which you need for yourself…keep your husband and kids at bay and enjoy this time of yours and do what makes you feel good…keep high the volume of your favourite number or dance to your old chat busters…invite your girl gang over and have a blast!


As much as you can, never hinder your beauty sleep. A short nap and a good night’s sleep are important in helping to relax your body. Avoid doing too many household works, especially during the first trimester. Try to reduce the chores and work which you used to do before you were pregnant. Talk to your partner on how he can help you with the house chores or engage a temporary maid to help you.

Discuss your apprehensions

Keeping those feelings inside, will not do you or your loved ones around you any good. Discussing with your spouse or partner provides an outlet for you to share your thoughts, feelings and worries.

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