Top 10 Super Easy Ways To Be A Perfect Mom

Top 10 Super Easy Ways To Be A Perfect Mom

Top 10 Super Easy Ways To Be A Perfect Mom

Have you ever felt the guilt that something’s missing in the way you nurture and raise your kids? You are no different from the numerous mom’s out there. Just sit back and relax…you are not a supermom or equipment of perfection. You are just a mom with a lot of flaws and you are getting better and improved by the passing days and restless nights. Be your best version. Do not get influenced by how others raise their kids or shower them with expensive presents.  

Here are 10 super-easy ways to be a satisfied mother. 

Really it’s so easy, anyone can do it. Don’t believe me? 

Give it a shot.

Here is my unfailing guide to being the perfect mom:

  1. Get eight hours of sleep daily so you can wake up improved, refreshed and ready to take on the creation. A well-rested mom can care for her family and manage the constant demands of work and home balance. But also, be willing to omit sleep if any of your children are sick, the dishes need to be done or put away, the laundry needs to be gathered, you have to scrub the crayon marks off the wall, you have to pay the bills, you have piles of report to submit the next day, your husband needs your time, your children have a science project coming up, you have to make snacks and meals for the kiddos tomorrow, you have to shower them, get their stuff ready for a new day at school...ugh…Take a Break!!!
  2. Keep a clean house. A good mom ALWAYS keeps her home tidy and presentable for everyone. But honestly, don’t spend useless hours thinking over the state of your house, don’t behave like a cleanliness freak, else you’ll end up getting busy whole day because kids will surely give you a reason to clean that mess. Spend time with your children and husband, make lovely memories. Sure, there’s a questionable coffee stain on your pillow, mud tracks on the shoe rack and, your younger one is busy in her creation of tearing the papers and making small pieces... In short, making a mess out of your living room.
  3. Try to make your children independent. And for heaven’s sake don’t regard yourself as a typical obsessive mom, as kids will never try anything by themselves and will rely on you for every move they make. But you should definitely never let your children out of your sight. And if by some chance one of your children manages to get the drop on you and finds themselves in a dangerous situation, you can bet, the observers will not intervene due to your nature. Stop being a scary mom!
  4. Take good care of yourself physically and mentally. Set aside a few extra hours a month and go to the spa. Relax and start again with a bang.
  5. Encourage brain development early on with the help of fun and educational knowledge. DO NOT pressurize them for learning or set a time in which they should educate themselves, no matter what. Don’t do that… do the practice yourself and involve your kids. This will create a sense of working together.
  6. Instead of grinding the facts of education, teach them practically… avoid using the age old pen and paper technique… make your own changes… they are always the best ones!
  7. Never cane your kids. Such acts encourage them to use aggression and violence to solve their problems. It only teaches and instils more violence in them. Your child may be at her notorious best and may involve in petty fights with their siblings, have patience… I know it’s tough but try to avoid being bias…  This may sound like a lazy parenting style… but doesn’t matter as long as you are satisfied and just... you’re doing well.
  8. Feeling tired? That’s normal…that’s just part of being a normal parent. Sip a cup of tea or coffee and take a few minutes of me time… you will be good to go.
  9. Don’t try to imitate other mom’s style of raising their kids, though sometimes it’s good to adopt something healthy but not always.
  10. And here comes the most important of all. Never ever compare your kids with any other kid. No matter, if it is your friend’s child or their own siblings, try not to compare because such things lower their morale and make them feel lost.

Each child is precious and unique and has their own talents and abilities. Comparing them will only result in digging their negative side and ignoring the positive aspect.

There you have it.

10 incredibly easy ways to be the world’s most stunning mom. Confused? 
Welcome to motherhood. Don’t get yourself occupied by the thought of being a perfect mom, you are the One… you are the Best
Just a little bit of trust and there you are…World’s best Mommy for the Little Kido!

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