Parenting With Love And Logic

Parenting With Love And Logic

 Parenting With Love And Logic

Raising kids by providing a healthy environment and building a close bond is definitely not easy to achieve especially in an era when raising is one of the toughest jobs the world has to offer. But there is indeed a way to deal with every scenario, though you might need a little wit and love.

The blend of love and logic makes a good combination to make your young one realize that you are not among those typical mom's who constantly judge them and never gets bored of being an obsessive one. 
Extreme love for kids at times tend to create behavioral problems in children, which are unknowingly created by you.

This article will allow you to realize how to avoid the very major problem of hostile dependency. 

Here are a few logical ways of Elevating Responsible Kids - 

Do you ever wonder how to raise children who're convinced, respectful and accountable? Kids, who eat and take their drugs all independently? 
A lot of parents depend on the rant, rave, rescue and remind method of parenting. And while this may work in the brief run, it is not going to in the long term- especially if your kids are teenagers.  

So how do children actually learn accountability? 

Stop being self-assured that you do it always right. Seriously!! Being an Effective Parent in a High Stakes Situation - No one likes to be told they aren't doing something right", especially when it comes to parenting. We like to believe our way is the perfect manner and what worked for our parents will work for our kids. Nevertheless, decades of research demonstrates there are many wrong and right ways to parent kids. 

And while dealing with a teenager, keep aside your years of experience and the age-old tales which hardly makes any sense for the younger generation of today, instead use a little brain and deal them with a modern touch. Accept the fact that they are more equipped with knowledge in many aspects than you are. Instead of ending being called a lovely mom, who is undoubtedly loved but is kept at bay when a level of understanding takes place, especially during decision making. So, prefer to be called a logical mom!

Let them take their decisions and accept their affordable mistakes, this will make them realize the reel and the real truth of life.

What's happiness and how do we've more of it in our lives? 

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