Raise Your Baby's IQ Through Flashcard Technique

Raise Your Baby's IQ Through Flashcard Technique

Raise Your Baby's IQ Through Flashcard Technique

Flashcards are a beneficial tool in order to teach kids in a new and innovative way. Kids these days are much influenced with technology and find new ways of learning and flashcards are a way to hook them at a topic and make them aware of different things around.

Flash cards can be introduced at an age as early as 3 months and can help kids relate to different things. Studying at school involves a monotonous work which in many ways does not appeal kids whereas teaching them through the flashcards make them take a different approach towards learning. The best thing about using this technique is to teach kids in a practical and natural way.
Of course, this technique also helps in the brain development of the child.

How to introduce flashcards?

As previously said, they are an all-age learning tool; even toddlers can study and enhance their learning skills. The traditional way of learning involves a person explaining verbally, which is kind of boring and hardly relate to kids. On the other hand, flash cards corporate spoken word to go together with a picture properly target language development in younger children.
Restating words to children so they imitate them is already the most natural form of early teaching; adding a symbolic hint offers great visual encouragement in addition to the auditory learning. When you are using flashcards with your child, you can add written words over time to help develop reading and writing knowledge. And once a child reaches a certain stage it is essential to go beyond just recognizing the words and sounds and to real creation of the word in question.

The best part is that nowadays, introducing flashcards is easier than ever, thanks to the different flashcard tools available or it's even easier to purchase them. Flashcards are made in any subject on any topic, just explore with a little zest to provide a different learning experience for your child and that’s something he deserves.  And if at all you want to create your own set of flashcards with different topics, you can easily create them, with the help of different tools available online.

Flashcard creation can be an activity for all age groups, even older kids beyond the age of 15 can get themselves involve in giving their contribution, be it drawing on a side or helping you find information about a topic.
It’s best to involve your children in such acts, as they will learn a lot in the process of making these educational cards.

Children’s creativity can be enhanced and getting your child’s input on a topic will make them responsible and productive. Do not pressurize them to do a particular work instead, make them do what they enjoy doing, being it drawing on the cards or writing something with their tiny hands.

Give them a newspaper or a magazine and tell them to choose a topic and cut the images so that they can be pasted on a card. This will promote their visual learning skills. As long as you are aware of the topic and have a firm hold of the subject matter and its boundaries, assembling flashcard material is honestly easy. Motivating a child to shorten material covered in school into flashcards can be tough, because it may seem tiring and too involved task.
If you want to make this fun activity into a learning experience for the child, teach them the importance of learning together. This will make them learn in the form of a quiz or a game.

Learning with their fellow friends or siblings will create a sense of competition and will improve their skills.
Parents or teachers serve as an initial guide to teach kids and it’s a different and unique learning experience which can instill good habits that will last a lifetime.

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