Cyber Bullying On Teenagers. Your Child Could Be The One !!!

Cyber Bullying On Teenagers. 

Your Child Could Be The One !!!

Cyber Bullying On Teenagers.  You’re  Child Could Be The One !!!

Teens spend most of their time on their mobile telephones, IM, text messaging, using networks sites, uploading images and spending a part of their life online, unaware of the hazardous after effects it might create. And to some extent, we as parents are also responsible for such scenarios. 

Being ignorant about your child’s actions is considered one of the main causes that your kids fall into this trap of being bullied.

Sadly, bullying has also jumped online. It's called the internet or cyberbullying and its rivals schoolyard bullying.

Cyberbullying occurs when secrets someone posts rumors, threats photos or other material meant to hurt, embarrass or harass another individual online.
It's projected that almost 50% of teenagers affect each year, and its reach is growing. Girl bullies particularly use the world wide web to bully their victims.
Women bully to demean or belittle, to increase their status competitions or to exclude others. 

Cyberspace is the ideal outlet for their schooling since women do not bully in a fashion that is tangible.

Secrets and rumors can spread like wildfire, their purpose can be accomplished by them quickly. Cyber bullies could actually be victims of schoolyard or physical bullying. They seek revenge via the internet since they may be anonymous bullying and cyberspace does not require physical strength. They could seek this revenge with little.

Victims of cyberbullying wind up feeling angry, hurt, embarrassed and frightened. They feel helpless since they don't normally know who the bully is, to defend themselves.

Cyberbullying can damage the victim's mind leaving them into a state of depression. It can also result in the victim harming herself.

Cyberbullying prevention begins with reporting of the incident - either to school officials or if the feud involves threats or any other illegal activity to law enforcement.

Look For These Signs In Your Child:

1.    Pay Attention If A Child Becomes Anxious

If a child refuses to go to school, do not ignore. Look for the cause, speak to her politely. Have a casual chat. She might not be ready to disclose everything happening at school, be friendly, assure her that no matter what, you are always there. This will boost her confidence to speak up and she will find it easy to talk about her troubles.

2.    Take Immediate Action

After being aware of the fact that your child is bullied, take necessary and immediate steps to curb this. If she is bullied at school, reach the school and talk to the teachers. If the teachers are not responsive, talk to the principle and have a solution to this problem. You can even talk to her peers and discuss the matter. This way, the one who bullies will be aware that she is not a victim or a neglected kid.

3.    Always Believe Your Child

In this hi-tech world, when every little update spreads like a wildfire, believe your child. If she says something has been posted about her on a social networking site, don’t get judgemental. Just look for the post and ask the person to delete such stuff or you can even involve law for such crimes. If you ignore such things, they can spread to millions of people in no time and make the matter worse resulting in demeaning your child’s esteem as a cyber world has such a power and such access.

4.    Educate Your Child

It’s always better to teach your child beforehand, as such situations can arise any time at any place. You can’t restrict your child to go to school or meet new friends, or you can’t ban the usage of a cell phone or computer. Instead, you can tell the child that such things do happen, teach her to discuss with you before posting any message or sharing her personal pics with somebody. This will create a healthy bond between you and your child and she will be aware of the predators of cyberbullying.

5.    Be An Active Parent Not A Passive One

As I always say in my post, you should always be active in your child’s life. Do not think that she has grown up and can handle everything with ease, of course, give her the needed space but do not stay ignorant about her actions or her behaviors. She is your child and she will always rely on you, doesn’t matter If it is a little issue of buying something or as big as a cybercrime. Build a healthy bond and rest will be well taken care of in your relationship.


Even though cyber bullies believe that they're anonymous, they really aren't. Everybody leaves a digital footprint in cyberspace plus they can be found. 

Cyberbullying has become an epidemic and it is everybody's liability to do their part into preventing it. With teenagers spending a large part of their time online, we can’t just eliminate it but we definitely can curb and deal with it in a cultured way.

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