Healthy Eating For Children

Healthy Eating For Children

Healthy Eating For Children

As a parent you want your children to be healthy and happy that's why teaching your kids to eat right is one of the most important things you can do.

 Childhood obesity has become a serious problem more than ever before. With the ease of ordering food online and having access to every possible resource, it has become more of a bane than a boon.

In the past thirty years according to multiple pieces of research, overweight children can develop grown-up health issues like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and they're more likely to be overweight unhealthy adults.

Unhealthy foods are everywhere so it's up to parents to teach their kids how to make the right choices and help them develop good lifelong habits.

Since obesity wasn't such a problem for kids thirty years ago, going back to basics might be a good way to teach your kids about healthy eating.

Let us together teach our kids Top 5 Ways to opt for a healthy lifestyle and include healthy meals

1.       Sit down to family meals as often as you can, if teenagers shy away at family dinners let them invite a friend over, show your kids what a sensible meal looks like.
Plenty of vegetable whole grains and lean proteins maybe with fresh fruit for dessert and serve healthy portions, not super-sized ones. Do not try to over think for their nutrition. Just keep it simple.  A mom is a child’s best cook for lifetime…utilize this in your favor wisely.

2.       Let them see you are enjoying nutritious meals not reaching for junk food because you're too busy to eat right.
A great way to keep your kids away from unhealthy foods is to keep them out of the house.
The foods not your kids.
Buy healthy snacks such as fresh fruit chopped up veggies or yogurt and opt for plain old water or 100 percent juices instead of sugar-sweetened soda or sports drinks.

3.       Of course, kids will be kids they're going to ask for fast food potato chips and ice cream and it's okay to say yes once in a while as long as they know it's a special treat. Make shopping and cooking with healthy food fun by letting your kids help.

4.       When you're out shopping let your kids pick new fruits and vegetables. Try to suggests the produce for Better Health Foundation. At home get your kids involved with meal preparation snapping the ends off green beans, tearing up lettuce or mashing potatoes make kid-friendly recipes like pizza using whole wheat dough and healthy toppings but make sure your kids think helping is fun, not a chore.

5.       If your kids learn about a healthy lifestyle when they're young those good habits may last a lifetime and will leave a good impact for a healthy society.

Happy Parenting !!!

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